NANNY STATE: Seattle’s “Head Tax” Threatens Corporate Jobs and Middle Class

Leftist policy is nothing new to the city of Seattle. Members of Seattle’s city council believe that government can create wealth as well as provide for the needs of the homeless. Only, they're using other people’s money to do it. Seattle city council members have decided that the best way to reverse the ever-increasing homeless... Continue Reading →


Gun Debate Takes A Turn After Sante Fe Shooting

Friday’s shooting at Santa Fe Highschool has reopened the scab to an already gaping wound concerning gun violence in this country. The alleged shooter is 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, who stole his father’s shotgun and .38 revolver and opened fire on his fellow classmates and teachers. Before it was over, Dimitrios was able to murder 10... Continue Reading →

Why A “David Hogg” Should Be Feared

  What about a skinny, pimple faced, snot nosed teenager like David Hogg is to be feared? It is not his enormous physical stature, neither is it the power of his ideas. Regardless of his political bullying, (calling for endorsement removal from political opponents at the first sign of jest)[1], Hogg lacks real, raw power.... Continue Reading →

Illiberal Politics

    During her 2016 Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton infamously stated that over half of those supporting Trump were to be labeled and understood as racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, and Islamophobes; a true collection of the worst society has to offer. “Deplorable and irredeemable”, was the way in which you were described. She rightfully received... Continue Reading →

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