The Left Is Lying; Trump Not Responsible For Family Separation

There is no lie the media will not tell nor truth they will not obfuscate to slander the current President and those serving in his administration. The current situation at the border, the “separation of families”, is the current hot button issue that has everyone in an uproar. The Left is holding the U.S government... Continue Reading →


Trade War, Tariffs, and Media Stupidity

On Thursday the White House announced that they would be implementing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. We will explain why this is bad, but first we must call out the ridiculous hysteria relating to these tariffs, courtesy of our mainstream media. If all you watch is CNN,... Continue Reading →

GOOD POLICY: Trump Signs ‘Right To Try Act’

Despite what the mainstream media or your local left wing nutjob has to say about the current President, Congress and the current Administration have been responsible for some excellent policy achievements during President Trump’s first term. Among them is H.R. 878, more commonly known as the ‘Right to Try Act of 2017’. This bill authorizes... Continue Reading →

FAIL: Parkland Activist Takes Aim at Publix

Over the weekend Parkland Activist David Hogg took aim at Publix for their support of gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam by calling for a boycott and a ‘die-in’ within some of the company’s local stores. Gun control activists threw themselves on the floor, screaming and holding signs to protest Publix’s support for Putnam.[1] You might ask,... Continue Reading →

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