The Left Is Lying; Trump Not Responsible For Family Separation

There is no lie the media will not tell nor truth they will not obfuscate to slander the current President and those serving in his administration. The current situation at the border, the “separation of families”, is the current hot button issue that has everyone in an uproar. The Left is holding the U.S government and the Trump administration responsible calling for more “catch and release” and “open border” policy. But they’re lying about what is going on and who is responsible, here’s a scenario that puts things in perspective.

Let’s use theft as an example and impute the best possible motives one could have for stealing. I am struggling to support my family financially with my current wages and am running low on cash to feed my family for the evening. So, in desperation I decide to walk into my local grocery store and steal food for my family. Before I can walk out the door I am caught with the stolen product and am arrested. Does the law and its consequences not apply to me because the reason for the theft was something everyone can sympathize with? Do my good intentions on the one hand counter the moral and civil wrong I have committed against the store owner? Once arrested, I am separated from my family because I am now going to be prosecuted. Do I have the right to claim that the law and its enforcement are responsible for separating or tearing my family apart? Let’s add another factor to the equation. Let’s suppose that I was aware of programs and charities that would have gladly provided aid to my current situation, but to receive such aid I would have to go through the proper channels. Instead of choosing this, I decided to take things into my own hands and steal knowing that laws against stealing exist and what the potential consequences of breaking such laws would mean for myself and my family. What does justice look like and who is responsible for what happens to my family in this scenario? Justice would be the application of legal consequences relating to the specific laws that I violated, and I alone would be responsible for whatever happens to myself and my family because I chose to commit a crime.  Only a society that is unwilling to exemplify true virtue and rejects the notion that individuals are responsible for their actions would argue that the law itself is to blame. Yet, this is the moral reasoning of the media and those on the Left in this immigration debate.

Those who cross the border illegally are subject to prosecution. However, as a result of the Flores Settlement Agreement, the courts ruled that it is illegal to incarcerate children for illegally entering the country. Due to the nature of the law and this court settlement, the parent who crosses the border illegally with children will be incarcerated and the child will be moved to an immigration holding facility. This separation is the direct result of the parent breaking the law. This consequence could be avoided by claiming asylum at the ports of entry, however, this is not what is happening.  The people who are crossing the border illegally are aware of the risk and are taking it anyway in hopes of not getting caught. This is irresponsible on the parents’ behalf and any sensible person can see this. Assuming the best motives possible in these immigration scenarios, the parents are still responsible for what happens to them and their children. If you don’t want your family separated, don’t break the law. This truth applies whether you’re  a U.S citizen or not. Go through the proper channels of immigration and these situations can be avoided. It’s really that simple.

A lawless Democrat Party and a morally obtuse media would have you believe that these consequences are somehow Trump’s fault and a result of policy his administration has developed. The fact is, these laws have existed prior to Trump taking office and were even enforced during the Obama administration, yet the media said nothing. Trump is merely executing the laws that are on the books as the executive branch was designed to do. So, good for Trump. The person breaking the law is responsible for the consequences that the law provides. It is time for the media and Democrats to be honest about this situation and start putting the responsibility where it should be and that is on the parents who are breaking our laws.


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