A Reason Why The Media Get Away With Dishonesty

“A lack of restraint is the soil in which vice and sin flourish. Good government, whether it be of the state or the soul serves humanity as a means of oversight that restricts and restrains the passions of men that they would not behave as wickedly as they possibly could.”

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Democrat Dishonesty: The Problem With FBI Probe Into Kavanaugh

Democrats who are demanding more probing from the FBI into Justice Kavanaugh regarding sexual misconduct allegations are being dishonest about the jurisdiction and effectiveness of such an investigation.  Predictably, the media and Democrats have insisted that the investigation done by the FBI last week was insufficient due to its limitations.  Here are the facts regarding the FBI in this situation and why Democrats are insincere.

To Kill A Kavanaugh

The media created a buzzword after Christine Ford gave her testimony under oath. They called her a “credible” witness. This was the slogan we all heard from all MSM outlets and the press. The constant drumbeat was that her testimony was “credible”, but on what basis? To the Left, it was her perceived sincerity. Democrats live and argue in the world of euphemisms. In this case, they took an emotional, subject interpretation and made a legal conclusion. Hence, they treated Kavanaugh as an alcoholic sexual predator; arguing that he was unfit for office on the basis of a mere allegation.