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If You Hear “Monkey” And Think “Black Guy”, You’re The Racist

Like most Americans in this country I don't think a lot of the color of skin. I don't view the world through a racial lens. I don't think much about race at all unless provoked by someone else to do so.


Life, Liberty, Property: A Christian Perspective

" steal for one's own gain or in order to give to another, is to wickedly imitate God in whose image we are made. In so doing, they take an authority and power they do not possess, unthankful for the things God has allocated to them, dissatisfied in their own hearts; seek to allocate to themselves things they think they deserve."

What Makes America Exceptional?

A negative, more cynical view of American exceptionalism has become a popular trend among millennials and many on the Left, often a result of liberal college professors revising our nation’s history and spreading their cynicism to young and passionate minds. It is important therefore, to first differentiate what American exceptionalism is and what it is not.

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